Feminine Power Senior Coach Marilyn Hager: On Feminine Radiance

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Feminine Power Coach Marilyn Hager AdlemanFeminine Power Sr. Coach Marilyn Hager here, sharing my experiences of transforming and evolving Feminine Radiance.

Through Feminine Power practices, I have realized the truth of my own value.

When I listen to my Soul’s unique message to inform every action I take, I move through life as who I truly am. From there, my “true self” invites the truth of others to shine forward in co-creative partnership. Together we support the full flourishing of each other and create a world of radiance that is so much brighter than we could ever create alone.

Before deepening into my Soul’s guidance, I made choices and took actions that didn’t reflect my true value. When I first began this work, I was just entering menopause. I had recently met and married the first evolutionary love of my life.

This relationship was different than any other in that I was more attracted to his inner being than to his physical being and I felt loved with a depth of honesty toward and from him that I had never experienced before.

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I had always sourced great power from sexuality, but that resource began to shift. My body changed drastically, even though I wasn’t living my life any differently. I aged ten years in two and lost the intense sexual drive that had defined and fueled much of how I acted and what I thought about. At first, I was really disoriented by this and I felt old, used up and dimmed down as my sense of power in the world diminished by the day.

After really understanding the Feminine Power teachings, I began to make new choices and take new actions that reflected a deeper level of congruence and integrity with my own value. As I broke up these beliefs:

• I began to turn toward the deeper truth of my soul’s reasons for being here, found more purpose in life and shifted my source of power to be fueled by the messages that I was receiving from my unique expression of life through my deeper center.

• Fears did come up in making myself available to be fully visible, extended and authentically radiant in the world, so I went on a very focused inquiry about why I was being so extremely affected by the aging process and I took the deep dive into a firmly held belief that I had to be beautiful and sexy to be loved.

• As I systematically worked the practices, I visited the memories of my childhood and loved-up the broken heart of my lonely little girl who longed for her verbally and emotionally abusive, womanizing father’s unrequited loving attention.

• I processed the woundings of the promiscuity of my “liberated hippy” college girl who was looking for her father’s love in the arms of more men than I can remember.

• I healed the cellular memories of being burned at the stake for the magic of my knowing through the lineage of my wise and intuitive grandmothers.

• I learned to trust that I could be safe with other women, and even partner with them, without needing to feel competitive.

• I developed my healer and counselor and deepened my artistic skills and offerings.

• I have created new ways of sourcing safety for myself that have liberated me to begin to shine my radiance brightly and come into the fullness of my power in the world.

• When I share intimacy with my beloved, it is from a place of deep care and celebration of our connection rather than the intense need for sexual gratification to feel good about myself.

I am older, more wrinkled and less sexy than I used to be and that is okay. Who I used to be doesn’t hold a candle to the inner radiance that I feel flowing from my heart and out of my eyes, allowing me to touch the hearts of others, without agenda, from a place of honest curiosity and encouragement for them to be all that they came here to be.

I feel so much more at peace, very vibrant and am now aware of being fueled by an illuminant ball of golden light, filled with all of the love that I have ever known that supports me whenever my heart’s light begins to dim.

It points me to the soft underbelly of the next false belief with compassion for the details of my humanness and holds my Younger Self until she can relax in this love and allow me to turn again toward the messages of my soul’s longing to fulfill my many purposes for being a spiritual being in human form.

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