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Transformative World
Transformation is in the air! Transforming is as inevitable as change is in this ever-evolving world.

At Wise Woman Rise you will have the opportunity to consciously transform your life in a variety of ways.

Included on this site are solutions if you:
• Are perched to soar through harnessing your Feminine Power
• Are ready to step into your Career Success Destiny 
• Know just how to apply potent guidance through Blessings from Your Soul
• Have a burning desire to release chronic tension in your body forever: Transformative bodywork
• Long to embrace ever-expanding love wisdom with your Beloved Soulmate 

Out Beyond Ideas
Out beyond ideas
of wrongdoing and right doing,
there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down

in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language
-even the phrase “each other”
do not make any sense.

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Priestess Wisdom – Marilyn Hager

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Soulful Womens Certificate

Priestess Wisdom has shown me a renewed awareness of the ancient mysteries of my deepest felt knowing about the Divine Feminine. In temple space, I experience ever-expanding breadth and depth that brings me to a permanent state of both coherent uplift and quiet grounding.

I am renewed and nourished as I let myself explore and expand my own multi-dimensional awareness, causing floods and floods of inspiration to surge through me.

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Each time I cross the threshold into the empty presence of another feminine archetype, I am touched to my very core. At the same time, my whole self: my heart, my mind, my spirit and soul expand across space and time. At the end of the first round of my exploration, when I reached the Alchemist, the thirteenth archetype, I stepped into a sense of vast peace and solid, inner strength as a more complete, confident and powerfully centered version of myself.

The Priestess PathwayThe most profound outcome for me has been a renewed connection with my creativity as an artist, a writer, storyteller and a coach. I am in the process of developing a book project, an online course, and art pieces that will include the power of our priestess pathway.

I have also incorporated the mentorship of the archetypes into my Goddess of Success coaching practice, as well as into my Heroine’s Journey travel adventures for the empowered woman.

Most of all, this has been an opportunity to share temple space with a precious sisterhood of incredible women from all over the world, women who I have known and will know throughout all time.

I feel so blessed to experience this wonderful journey. I’m so grateful to have taken the steps to allow myself to come home to this sisterhood of Priestess Pathway of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart.

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I Believe in Ultimate Love with a Capital “L” – Marilyn Hager

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Flowers of a lilac in the form of a heart. An illustration on a theme of Valentine's dayI recently listened to a very inspiring talk by one of my mentors, Craig Hamilton, about the type of ultimate love that is beyond romance and personalities. It is the love of the Universe as the life force expressing uniquely through each one of us.

These are some of the musings that came through as I answered the very poignant questions he posed to us:

Standing in a place of ultimate love, I feel an expanded awareness that includes me but is not generated from me. I know that I am safe to just be and to stay in curiosity about any others who I encounter. I am able to appreciate the beauty of this Earth and all beings upon it. I am less attached to my physical form and all of the individuals who I love in the personal sense.

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Although, I also feel a particular pull toward my granddaughters, who have my heart strings and to whom I am deeply devoted as a mentor and support in this physical form. The adults who I love, my beloved and my daughter, I feel I can allow drifting away if need be, but my granddaughters have a hold on me…a visceral connection that gives me pause as I attempt to take the energy between us to the space of allowing all things to come to pass as they need to.

Problems and difficulties: I attune to a deeper place, one of curiosity and discovery, one that is not attached to an outcome that would have me be right, but one that allows the truth to be known so that love can stay present if all involved are able to open to the truth.

When I believe in love, how I relate to the larger challenges that face us as a species and in our communities is to listen carefully, opening to inspiration and beckoning forth the energy to co-create solutions with others, understanding and deepening into the perspectives of others.

In my vocations as an educator in the principles of transformation, a Wise Woman Rise coach, Calling in “The One” coach, Conscious Uncoupling coach and Feminine Power coach, and also as a creative alchemist, when I believe in love, my relationship with my work becomes joyful, inspired and open to allowing the creative impulse to either speak through me or to flow forth in my creative alchemical offerings. I listen carefully to what the other who I am working with is bringing forward so that I can travel beside and co-create with them.

When I believe in love, I relax into my spiritual practice, knowing that whether or not my ego feels it is doing the meditation or spiritual practice properly, I am open to giving to and receiving from the co-creative impulse to evolve in a powerful and an open and inquisitive way.

How do you believe in Ultimate LOVE?

Email WiseWomanRise@gmail.com for a complimentary 30-minute coaching session in the principles of Wisdom Awareness, Calling in “The One” or Awakening Our Feminine Power or phone Marilyn Hager directly at 310.844.7548. 

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Collective Awakening: Marilyn Hager, Transformative Master Coach

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My Experience with Craig Hamilton’s Collective Awakening

The first time I experienced a sense of collective awakening into spiritual intimacy, a connection with all and everyone in the “We Space,” was during an experiment that I was participating in as faculty at a spiritual community named the Lama Foundation in Northern New Mexico, USA, in the early 1980s. Ram Dass was leading a week-long intensive and we had gathered to share a meal. He was chanting the Halleluiah Chorus and we all joined in as we shuffled along the food line. We were outside in the warm and refreshing summer air, under a big domed sky that reached beyond a vast mountain range at 8600ft. None of us were trained vocalists, yet our voices seemed so loud and powerfully connected to something much bigger than us that it felt as though we were experiencing the most well-engineered acoustics of a famous concert hall. Our voices were giving expression to the oneness and connection we all felt, beyond any one of our own separate egos…

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I have also noticed this collective awareness when I witness my daughter and her husband play drums and dance to African rhythms in their performance group. I feel the undulating waves of communication between them infuse my body and we all become one…

In July, 2012, I experienced this collective awakening at the Feminine Power Mastery end-of-session live intensive. It was amazing to to take part in the exercises that transported us to this zone, first with the core leaders of about 20 people, then we were joined by another group of the next level of leaders within the same field the next day and two days later, the rest of the assembled community stepped into the field we had been building until there were about 150 of us all experiencing an extraordinary level of oneness.

It was amazing to witness how the levels of hierarchy flattened out within a container of safety, peace and oneness. At the very end, we created a circle and faced out to send a wave of this awareness beyond us and into the rest of the world. I was quite moved and felt exceptionally comforted.

Just last weekend, a varied group of twelve women whose experience, ranging from several years of engagement with Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit in the Feminine Power Community to several who had only heard about their work and wanted to know, in my living room to experience this collective awakening through the filter of the Feminine Power lens with amazingly powerful results.

My sense of what caused and catalyzed this collective opening:

The Ram Dass experience: We had become so unified within the practices and teachings we were experiencing together, at that moment when the preparations for the meal were complete, the quality of the environment so peaceful and powerful at the same time, our essences came into a cohesive vibrational field, a sense came over us that the deeper truth of us was connected with the deeper truth of everyone there.

African Dance and Drumming Ensemble: They are all so rooted in their own proficiency, so deeply connected with their own sense of the rhythm moving through each one of them, that the cohesion between them is infectious, and I catch the energetic wave between them. It is a multi-dimensional experience.

Feminine Power live intensive: We had been sharing the evolutionary edge for 9 months, so we were already very connected, but the exercises within the safe container of our bonded awareness created a powerful resource for this opportunity. That we started with the most bonded, advanced group stepping into the experience of collective awareness first was also a powerful catalyst. Then with that in place, aligning the next group with the evolving frequency, watching it rise even further and become more powerful was really astounding. Finally, it was easiest for the next group to catch the wave. At one point, with all of us riding the wave together, the conversation went so deep and so wide, that the PA system made a super loud booming sound and the electricity grid in the small beach town where the retreat was held went down for several hours…we pondered, wondering if it was the third big bang in the awakening of human consciousness… Who knows? Maybe…

This experiment with collective awakening, collective intelligence, the “We Space” promises to provide a container for the consciousness of humanity to step into a whole new level of integrity, deep connection and, ultimately peace beyond present understanding. I pray that world leaders will learn to stand in this place, to drop power-mongering, chest-pounding and ego-justification practices so that we can all learn to feel so self-empowered that we lead ourselves from the deepest truth of who we all came here to be.

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Holiday Coaching Support from Marilyn Hager

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Glad Tidings of Comfort and Joy…
Navigating the Holidays from Power Center

As Thanksgiving meals become yesterday’s memories here on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the United States, the first snow of the season quietly blankets the trees outside my window. In the stillness of this cold, snowy day, I feel infinitely blessed to know you, honored for the times we have spent together and grateful for the many ways you have touched my heart.

One of my favorite holiday songs reminds us that the holidays can be “the most wonderful time of the year”… and we all know, with the stress of the hustle, bustle and expectations, the holidays can also be the most challenging time of the year…

As I sit here thinking about how all of this, I wonder if you might be feeling a little uneasy about the Holidays?

If so, you are not alone. Many of my clients are concerned that:

• They don’t yet have their beloved by their side…
• Even though they feel powerful in the rest of their lives, they feel invisible or picked on at their family gatherings…
• They might stuff themselves with food, drink and treats as they stuff their feelings…
• They might feel lonely, even in a room full of family and old friends…
• Their gifts might pale compared to what others give…
Actually, I too felt these challenges during the holidays…until I integrated the principles and practices of transformative coaching.

If you are feeling any of these ways, I wonder if you would like to be supported to instead:
• Love yourself so much, that your heart is full wherever you go, magnetizing all forms of love, including your beloved…
• Feel just as comfortable listening from insight, empathy and discernment as you share your feelings, needs and desires in ways that others relate to…
• Are so peaceful within that you only eat and drink until you were pleasantly satisfied…
• Have so much confidence and connection with yourself and others that you are just as happy observing the party as you are in conversation…
• Realize the value of the gift that your very presence brings and attune to the perfect ways to acknowledge your loved ones…

I have many tools to share with you that promise to shift these concerns into deep and abiding confidence that shines forth through the radiance of who you are.

I would love to support you to integrate all that we have learned together so that this year, your holidays are the most amazing you have ever experienced.

As a special gift to you, I am offering a complimentary 30-min coaching session
and these discounted holiday coaching packages:
Purchase this gift any time between
November 30th – December 31st
and be supported throughout the holiday season and into the New Year!

(1) 1-hour coaching session $125 (Regularly $150)
(3) 1-hour coaching sessions  $330 (Regularly $355)
(6) 1-hour coaching sessions $635 (Regularly $660)
Contact me today to book your first session
and secure this special holiday rate! 

Mostly, I wish you to know that I am here for you…

From my heart to yours, I look forward to sharing with you the joy and peace that this holiday season promises to bring!

Glowing warmth and infinite blessings,

Marilyn Hager
International Transformative Master Coach

Specializing in:
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