Clarity on the Edge of Evolution: Marilyn Hager, Transformative Coach

Evolving our consciousness forwardDuring a recent discussion with my evolutionary group mates in Craig Hamilton’s Living on the Edge of Evolution master course, I posted this exploration that I would like to share here:

As I look deep within myself and turn toward the impulse that is compelling me to grow and evolve, I realize how important it is to come into right relationship with clarity to reality as it is. Spiritual literature and practices throughout many cultures and dogmas allude to veils and illusions that prevent me from being able to discern Reality with a capital “R.”

How possible is it, really, to clear away all of the distorting filters and see what Reality actually is? If I don’t constantly focus beyond them, the multi-dimensionally layered veils cloud my mind, distract my heart, contract my body and push my higher spiritual knowing out beyond my grasp.

I know in my more polished awareness that clarity and action in alignment with my deepest yearnings is the key to manifestation. When I make space for the parts of my awareness that long for the higher evolutionary potential to emerge, so many impulses swirl through me. Creativity overflows through my being.

I feel conflicted, for on the one hand, if I don’t grab hold of one idea, one notion, one inspiration, clarity doesn’t have a chance. It all becomes inspiration soup, savory and alluring, but not potently manifesting in any tangible form.

And yet, we are instructed to sit in silence and allow everything to unfold in our consciousness without giving special notice of any one thing, just allowing everything to be exactly as it is. I wonder if this is a purification process, a filtering of all that vies for my attention and that which reoccurs to me after I leave the meditation moment has made it through the sieve, presenting itself with a more pristine clarity?

If enlightenment is a metaphor about coming into clarity, wisdom and light, no wonder the world is muted and grey when looking out through the distortion of the veils. No wonder some days find me stumbling around as if my legs are plowing through deep snow, as I forge a path through the jungle of my zip-zapping mind and untangle the worries of my troubled heart.

“Let it go…let it all go…allow for the space to beckon in what is longing to emerge.” This has become my mantra when the veils of the moment try to take over and distort my path.

And so, I sit quietly every morning, I listen for the impulse throughout the day, I feed my body fresh, organic foods and drink my rich, yummy seaweed and aloe cherry drink. I move through space, deliberately utilizing the power of my muscles to keep my vessel strong. I rinse my nose with salt water and Colloidal Silver. I spend time outside in the fresh mountain air. I force my head to lay upon my pillow at night at a reasonable time. All of this I do for the sake of deliberately causing energy to perpetuate its flow through a path that is unobstructed and offers clarity.

Yes, clarity and alignment are the keys to awakening, the keys to success, the keys to manifestation of my destiny.

When I sense into this idea of clarity in alignment with others who are also seeking to know with clarity, the boundaries expand, the walls fall down and the one mind takes us to realms beyond our wildest imaginings. Our destinies merge and anything is possible. This is the life that I stand for co-creating.

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  1. Very beautiful and deeply helpful to me on this day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love the idea of inspirational soup. I’ve been stewing it, perhaps too long. What is your yummy seaweed and aloe cherry drink? Why colloidal silver?

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